Sunday, September 18, 2005

Two thumbs up

There’s something that I can’t hide anymore. I can’t control it. It’s overwhelming. It’s overflowing. I have to announce it to the whole world. I enjoy it so much that I’m kinda addicted to it. I want to say that…


Yes I really do love blogging! This is my fifth post and I think that it is truly rewarding and meaningful to blog. (To all you non-bloggers out there, I hope my blog has inspired you to start your own blog too!)

Imagine that 3 years from now, you go back to your archives and read the post you wrote 3 years before. You rapturously exclaim: “Hey I hiked in Pulau Ubin on the 17 September 2005!” or “Hey I did this on that particular day!”

To me, the fuzzy and warm feeling that you get from reading your previous post and re-living them in your mind is the greatest pleasure and reward from blogging. To evoke back past memories, experiences and emotions gives me a sense of satisfaction that cannot be fully described using words. It is an emotional reaction that even I myself fail to comprehend.

I have never regretted setting up this blog just a couple of days ago. Like what the catchy MacDonald’s slogan says: I’M LOVIN IT!

Scream Out Loud!


Jerry said...
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小猫王 said...

relak....Ur tone is still to r not trying to write a diary or a journal....u know? U can also try to add some interesting lingo and terms, like weng's "Lmao" or something....

Big Fat Smiler said...

nah, i think it's belly good already. jiayou! your blog rocks! now all to do is your skin =)