Monday, September 26, 2005

What luck

A 3 year old Honda Odyssey MPV.

Doesn’t sound as if it would be a potential problematic vehicle.

Ok so it’s not really new...but neither is it a prehistoric car. The Proton Wira is what I deem extremely old, and it’s still IN the market. I can’t believe it! But as critics would have expected, no sane person would buy a Wira.

Ok I’m starting to stray off my topic…

But what if the 3 year old Honda Odyssey has a very, very high mileage? Car parts would get worn out easily.

And that’s what happened to my dad’s Honda today. The freaking, supposedly reliable big elephant had to give problems when I was ON MY WAY TO SCHOOL!!!! Gear or transmission problems to be specific. When the car halts, there will be this sudden vibration which jerks the car (not that jerk caused by inertia).

The problem surfaced a few days ago, so he planned to send the car to Kah motors today for an inspection after sending me to school. But that Odyssey decided all of a sudden to misbehave on the road.

When we were somewhere near Kallang MRT, the green D (drive) light on the dashboard started flashing. Sensing something amiss, he had no choice but to stop the car and call for AA, after sending me off in a taxi.

Damn it! I waited for roughly 10 freaking minutes before finally hailing a yellow Nissan Cedric. And as you would have guessed, I was LATE for school.

For the very FIRST time in my life in VS!

Let’s hope the problem is nothing serious or major…

So disappointed in Honda…It’s a JAPANESE vehicle and it started giving problems when it’s only 3 years. But then again, like I said earlier, that car has a rather high mileage…My father travels everyday.

After all, maybe age is catching on. Is it time for my dad to get a new MPV now as COE prices have recently dropped again?

If the answer is a yes, I would probably pester him to get the new Honda Odyssey (the sleek futuristic one) or the Nissan Presage Highway Star or the Mitsubishi Grandis.

But for now that can only be my wish.


小猫王 said...

please lah....dun get a MPV now....they are oil price so high....u think in the long ru: Worth it or not?
And from ur condition, I think it's a mechanical gear clutch problem. Ask your dad whether the clutch has been feeling 'soft' lately. If it is, then my prediction should be correct.

Ian Ho said...

Had to change gear box...4 freaking k...
And my family NEEDS an's not a want...

小猫王 said...