Monday, December 26, 2005

BB Christmas party

My BB company organized a Christmas get-together on the 23rd Dec at Kampong Karpor Methodist Church (the church VSBB is attached to) from 5.30 till 9.30.

It was an event that we had not organized in ages; partly due to the effort spent in Sharity Gift Box (SGB), but this year, we somehow managed to squeeze in a little time for such a wondrous occasion. Approximately 20 people turned up…lesser than expected. Hence what we expected was that the food would have plenty of leftovers, and they were distributed to us evenly in zip-lock bags to carry home.

We commenced with caroling, and I was invited to play the keyboard. We sung 5 carols, and, needless to say, partly due to my nervousness, I did screw up some parts of the songs. But it was still a good experience nevertheless.

Next came charades. We were split up into four groups of five and our task was to either act or draw out from three categories: movies, TV programmes or carols. My group did the worse. Some groups had easier items than the rest…so it wasn’t really fair play. But we still supported each other and had an enjoyable time. Oh, the winning group got some chocolates.

What proceeded after was a typical Christmas celebration activity: dress someone up. Clement was our chosen model for this extremely fabulously comical game. We made him sit down cross-legged, then took the whole roll of kitchen towel and wrapped it around him like some sort of mummy, right up to his head, until he couldn’t even be recognized. Our aim: to build a snowman. And we sure succeeded very well. He looked so amusing cloaked in white, decorated with a paper cup hat, play doh buttons, eyes and mouth and protruding hands full of fast-melting whip cream, which we referred to as ‘snow’. Of course, we won…a bag consisting of 10 packs of twisties.

Passing the parcel was the last game we had before dinner. The forfeits, I thought, were really innovative. Dinner consisted of the typical Christmas spread: A wide selection of hams, turkey, shepherds pie, mash potatoes, fruit salad, macaroni and agar-agar jelly courtesy of Xuan Yi’ mum.

After filling our stomachs, we gathered again, for a time of testimony and sharing. The offices and CLTs contributed by telling us their life stories and how their otherwise meaningless life was moulded when they trusted and believed in the Lord. Captian Yong’s testimony, which was rather cliché too, again confirmed the indubitable truth that, indeed, we worship a living God who can change lives.

That night was, in essence, a coalescence of fun and evangelism, which I hope, will continue year after year.



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