Monday, May 22, 2006

Da Vinci Code: the world’s greatest twaddle

Yes, this controversial movie has made its debut here in Singapore, and many people are flocking to the cinemas to catch this supposedly ‘historical’ film, which I truly doubt.

I shall make my stand clear: I do not support this movie. Like many other Protestants, I condemn and denounce it for misleading innocent clueless normal moviegoers to convincingly believe whatever crap and idiosyncrasies Dan Brown has cooked up with in this fictitious film.

It has so deleteriously modified the untruth to claim to be the truth. I mean, just what can a highly acclaimed piece of renaissance work tell about the life of Jesus, Mary and the Bible? It is just pure art of the finest standard of religious nature, whose only aim is to faithfully depict The Last Supper. Nothing more. Full-stop. No hidden codes or messages.

This movie is a direct insult to the infallible Bible, which is inspired by the Lord our God, and imbecile Dan Brown can so courageously site it as untrue just through examining this magnificent Leonardo masterpiece. What he has done is to fabricate a logical story to attack the Bible and set it in historical context to fool people all over the world that the story he made is true and that the sacred text is nonsense.

This whole film is the biggest twaddle I have ever seen, and I hope it will be a failed attempt to disprove the Bible and hoodwink the public. Although Dan Brown has defended by stating that The Da Vince Code serves just pure viewing pleasure, but the content as been so successfully crafted that if I had not been a Christian, I would probably have been deluded too like many.

Others claim that we Christians are making a big unnecessary fuss over a usual film, but the reason for doing so is that the movie does not explicitly state that it is untrue, and hence we see it as a lousy work, which would only cause those whose faith is weak to crumble and be shaken. Instead, people have been urged to use the Da Vinci Code as a start to examine their beliefs to see if they are reliable and true. Oh cut the crap, if I were to rephrase this more bluntly, it would be asserting that the Bible is unreliable, untrue and filled with fallacies. But I tell you what, the one that is truly filled with fallacies is definitely not the Bible but the flawed movie itself.

The Bible has already prophesized that these things would happen towards the end times. Christianity would be challenged and foundations would be shaken, but it would not collapse, for one day in the near future, the Lord will come to earth to judge all and end the reign of the devil.

So the only way to eternal life and the one and only true God is through Christ himself. Believe, and you shall have it. Do not be deceived by the things of this horrid world.

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” – Romans 10:13

And how true is that. Praise the Lord forever, for he lives.

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