Thursday, June 22, 2006


Welcome everybody!!!! my edited, revised skin. The holidays is the only time I can do stuff like these…and this was purposely planned inside my schedule, or else you’d never see this get done.

I had just finished my web design html and dreamweaver course, so I thought it would be good to put what I had learnt into practice. But to tell you the truth, the course was rather disappointing. Only the basics were covered, and I didn’t learnt as much as I anticipated.

I find that the best way to learn html is to learn from practice. The process of editing my skin has taught me quite a bit.

Anyways, hope you like my new skin. I have changed it quite a lot, although it still has the same feel. Got it a new URL, because I was just thinking to myself that is just too lame. Well, you are all asking just what is ‘nai-oh’. Haha…figure that out yourself.

FYI, the old blog ( will not be updated anymore. It will just serve as a link to my new site for those who do not know my new site.

Inserted a picture for my header for the first time, changed the colour, increased the font size, re-sized and re-coloured my tag board, inserted my picture in under profile, reorganized my links, recoloured my flickr badge, got the flickr daily zeitgeist, added some more buttons in, reset my counter, got rid of the irritating and distracting navbar on top, got a search bar, changed the 'I power Blogger' button to my own, and most of all, this is the greatest bit of all: if you were to scroll down my sidebar right to the bottom, you can see a Macintosh ad! Haha…

And somehow it’s weird that after I redo my skin, immediately people start to visit my blog…haha…now I know…want to attract visitors? Change your skin!

Oh, and the hols are quickly gonna be over. I better get mugging.

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