Tuesday, December 5, 2006

A Birthday Present

Tightly embraced in my arms,
I feel the warmth of your sea of fur,
I thank you for being a brown patch.

Today is a special day,
The day which marks your survival with mankind for a year,
Also the day which marks your presence with me for a year.
All the joy, laughter and fun that you bring,
I thank you for who you are.
You have forged bonds between the living and the dead,
Yet you occasionally sow discord and create dissent amongst siblings.

I wish you many more years of survival,
I wish that you may grow,
Perhaps not in the physical form of the word,
But maybe in the length of your countless brown fur.

May you continue to bring me joy,
May you live a life as long as Mr. Bolster,
Surely our special relationship will always exist.

I love you.
Happy first birthday, Skunky Mo.

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