Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blog facelift

A brand new header! And a brand new blogger too!

Haha I decided that the old header was quite boring, and also too plain. (Click here to view if you've forgotten how it looks like...)

I mean, the title of my blog reads Scream Out Loud! and then the header picture shows this very professional, serious and un-fun font (Myriad) which doesn't really bring out the loudness and the hip and funky nature of the title, so I decided that this new header should be really wild, vibrant and youthful.

It's a bit different from the usual minimalist style I'm accustomed to, but it looks nice even though this is probably my first time experimenting with this style, doesn't it? LOL.

Please tell me how you find it, OK?

I particularly love the new blogger for the 'Labels' feature, or tags. Organisation is definitely much better, the Dashboard much more accessible, BUT, why can't I use the old code that hides the old blogger NavBar to hide the new NavBar???

Hence you see the rather unsightly grey bar in the header, which disturbs the whole design of the page, I find.

If anyone knows how to hide the new NavBar, please pass me that chunk of code!

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