Thursday, January 4, 2007

A few things

1) GSE
Today I had the Group Simulation Exercise with 5 other people, and we were given this scenario in which we had to hand in a proposal to help improve the living conditions of a village of 48 families living in some small place near China which I've forgotten.

I was instantly reminded of the Project Cut 'fish bowl' thing upon entering electives hub 2. Even Mrs Jay was there. It went quite smoothly.

Working in a group will show more of our true self than when we are in an interview, but I always wonder if this is the most accurate way of assessing us.

2) New CCA
Haha...I've probably just joined VJ's smallest CCA! Writers' Circle has only 9 members (including me)! I hope I will enjoy myself there!

3) Browser complains
I got to realise how bad Internet Explorer 7 is in terms of GUI (interface) when I was left alone in class playing the computer today. Good security features but very bad UI, overall, OK.

That's why I don't plan to upgrade 6 to 7. I'm still contented with Firefox, just that my blog doesn't turn up well on it. =(

4) Sony Ericsson K618i phone review
Some of you would have known that I got a new phone, the K618i, after I finished my 2 year contract. Because I got it as an upgrade, I only paid a mere $48 for it.

It is a 3G phone by the way, but I don't think I'll ever surf the web or use the RSS feeds and video call. The K618i is a later model derived from the K610i, with better specs though.

compact, very light and thin, functions like a Walkman phone even though it's not, supports many file formats, bundled 256MB memory card, looks good, super value-for-money.

short battery life, SMS text cannot change to smaller font size like in Nokia phones, no radio, bad 2 mega pixel camera, no photo light (or flash), no infrared (only bluetooth), long shut down time, lousy and needless PC software that I can do without.

It is basically a phone which has almost everything you need within a very comfortable budget, yet no feature truly stands out. Nothing to be really amazed about, yet it's not anywhere near a cheap and lousy phone.

And let me clarify that it is just pure coincidence that Yiling has the same phone too.

5) Animation that got VJC first
In case you are wondering what me, Debby, Cynthia and Yuan Bo did at the YDSP competition, here is the short 1 minute animation we produced, about the impact of technology on Singapore's defence force:

6) Trip to National Museum
On the first day of 2007, I went to the National Museum with Mu Yao and Sam, and we took some pictures and talked. The first group of friends I met this year! Since a picture speaks a thousand words, here are some photos:

There's this big sculpture outside...

Yup, so that's what we did. When lessons begin in week 3, I don't think I can blog this much...

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