Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Unlike a normal school day

[Blogger is bad today. I took so long just to sign in and get this post up.]

Today was an unusual day…because even though it is a normal school day, I didn’t feel like it was a normal school day. We had no lessons as the day was dedicated to the GSE feedback.

But I ended up coming to school for a whole lot more things than just for GSE evaluation.

I left house at 9 to reach school at 10. At 10 I had my RM (Destination Imagination) where we briefly shared our research, and then we started a bit on Instant Challenge.

After that at around 11 plus, I went to Parkway foodcourt for lunch with Althea, Wen Qian, Fanglin and Serena. We (or more appropriately, the girls) talked about couples in IP (?!), scandals, who like who and who is a flirt and who is hot kinda thing. I couldn’t really get along with their conversation, as I try not to talk about such sensitive things unless they are perfectly truly true.

As these stuff about boys and girls did not interest me, I soon turned my attention to a Sony Vaio Winter Collection brochure that Althea had with her, and I did the most ridiculous thing (or at least they thought so). But it was actually fun and engaging to me. I memorised the entire line-up of Sony Vaio laptop models and their overall specs!

There were about 12 models, and it wasn’t easy because Sony has a weird way of naming their notebooks. The model name goes something like this: VGN-AR28GP (world’s first blu-ray enabled laptop), or VGN-SZ38GP/C, or VGN-UX17GP (world’s smallest portable PC). WTH, absolutely complicated.

Then I went back to school to get GSE feedback, where I got what I expected, everything an ‘average’, except a ‘far below average’ for empathy =( and a ‘somewhat above average’ for respect. It was an accurate reflection of my performance that day, though I felt I could have done better.

Next, went back to class to complete Chinese homework. And I got fooled by Yiling when she asked me to point to my head, and say the letters M and T in quick succession (empty). LOL. Althea fell for it too.

At 3, I had piano concert rehearsal in the PT, where I think I perfectly screwed up my playing.

At 5, there was the Writers’ Circle welcome meeting, where we watched some videos, and it was only then that I realised that Writers’ Circle is infested with IP people!

Only left school at 7, and I still need to pack my bag for NACLI camp tomorrow. Furthermore, I’m exhausted.

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