Sunday, February 4, 2007

Vista hands-on

Just a few hours ago at VivoCity Best Denki, I got to play around with some Vista laptops, and managed to shoot some pictures (using my camera phone) at the same time. There were only 3 notebooks running Vista, with the rest running XP/XP MCE even though the sticker reads "Windows Vista Capable". I think they just can't bother to upgrade all the machines.

This big board caught my attention as I entered the store:

The Vista welcome login screen:

Vista desktop (Home Basic edition):

A laptop running the Home Premium edition:

The much celebrated 3D Flip, activated by pressing Windows + Tab:

Oh! And not to mention Office 2007, the impeccable and highly popular productivity suite, is out!

Lastly, I got to see this super minute tablet PC, which is just too puny and slow to function as a good tablet, but it's still worth a second look:

So...Vista is out in stores now! All you pee-cee users, check it out!

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