Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm on a blog holiday

This blog is breeding mosquitoes, I know.

Somehow Flickr just seems to be a more interesting and interactive place compared to blogs.

I sincerely apologise for the stagnation. Someday, when there is the time and the passion for writing resurfaces, I'll talk about my new 400D, and give a full evaluation of Ubuntu, Tiger, Vista and XP, and compare them in detail.

Till then, I'm having fun with my Canon (hey that's a pun!) in the DSLR world, and if you would still like to read about my life online, do visit my Flickr, see my beautiful photos, and give some constructive comments. Note that you need a Yahoo account for that though.


Oh and I've just signed up for photog soc! Lastly, what better way to end off term 1 of 2007 than with a physics test on statics, dynamics and work, energy, power. Argh.

Promise you will check back when I post again?

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