Saturday, May 5, 2007

As people grow old, they get feeble and frail

Similarly, as computers grow old, they get all sluggish, unresponsive and they leisurely perform their tasks. It’s as if they have suffered from fatigue.

This is the state of my PC now. It is performing at an undesirable and completely unbearable speed. Maybe those extra Vista stuff has finally caused its downfall. The VTP, sidebar and Yahoo widgets, coupled with very very intensive and extensive Photoshopping of photos with an average file size of 4-5MB and managing gigs of data.

I can’t use it already. It takes like ages to perform the most mundane tasks such as switching between Photoshop and Windows Explorer. And complete boot up takes something like 5-8 min, which is totally absurd. Come on, my Mac starts up under a minute.

My PC is dying soon. Do I hear the soft faint sound of Vista calling out, whispering in my ear, saying: “it’s time to switch”?

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