Thursday, August 30, 2007

TUWP #6 (Part 1) - Windows Alive + Special Series

The Unofficial Windows Podcast Episode #6 PART 1

DO NOTE THAT THIS IS THE FIRST PART OF EPISODE 6. This is my longest episode ever, in fact, so long that GarageBand was unable to render it all in a single audio file, hence the part 1 & 2 split! In episode 6, the main issues I talked about are Windows Live Hotmail and Live SkyDrive, and in part 2, I started on my special series on system maintenance by talking about security software. A bit of digression at the start when I talked about Nokia, Comex and Apple, sorry couldn't resist the urge!

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Running time: 29:20
Date Recorded: Thurs, 30 August 2007
Date Published: Thurs, 30 August 2007
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