Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm so happy! Have been waiting so long for this day to come...just installed Photoshop CS3 (aka version 10) on my old HP desktop! And thanks once again to Kelvin!

Previously, I've been using the ancient PS version 7 on my PC, which is pathetic as it lacked all the new features, such as highlights and shadows adjustment, some filter effects, and blah blah blah. Not to mention that since it's an ahem version, I can't update the Camera Raw plug-in to support CR2 RAW files from my 400D.

But now with CS3, I can finally open my RAW files in Photoshop, and I think this will give me one more very good reason to shoot in RAW. Through Circa, I've finally understood what's so great about RAW. Oh, and the RAW converter in CS3 has more features than previous versions!

Along with PS came Bridge CS3, another fantastically useful software for photo management! Hooray! Now I have CS3 running alongside Photoshop 7 on my PC! (Still hunting for CS3 for Mac...)

Anyone knows where to kope the Mac version? I'll be needing it for new iMac soon...

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