Thursday, October 25, 2007

1 day to go...

I'm all excited about the Leopard launch... despite some things that I dislike regarding the way Apple markets Leopard, like giving the false impression to customers that it's a big major upgrade, but in actual fact, it's just a bloated "service pack". But whatever it is, it's still something for us Apple users to look forward to, and I'm excited because it's something new from Apple. You'd probably have noticed, I'm always excited about new products from Apple, even if it may not be flawless.

For the record: here's the countdown currently:

Also, tomorrow, iShop will be holding a special Leopard arriving party event at iShop, level 3 Orchard Cineleisure at 6pm. I should be there just for the fun of it, should have some freebies, and it should probably tempt you to part with $238 for a copy!

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