Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Countdown! 10,9,8,7...

Apple has kinda dropped the veil of uncertainty, though not officially. The release date for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as according to an article on MacNN based on details from Apple retail stores all agree that THE date is 26th October 07. Nope, not the 23rd or 27th.

That's a close 10 days more! (Aren't you tingling in excitement?) According to the article on MacNN, "Apple has reportedly scheduled a series of launch events at 6 pm on the day of its release and plans to keep stores open until midnight as part of its launch, according to ifoAppleStore. "

The article continues, saying that it is uncertain if Leopard has been declared GM (golden master), the Apple equivalent of the Microsoft Windows RTM (release to manufacturing), but I speculate that GM should be out very soon.

I doubt that this release would be as grand as the iPhone launch, and I suspect it won't draw as big a crowd outside Apple stores as did the iPhone, for the simple fact that this isn't version 10.0. But nonetheless, Mac addicts would patiently queue up just to take home the new 64bit operating system which has been delayed by about half a year (don't worry, not 5 years).

I've been so patiently awaiting this moment to arrive, I waited past the Core 2 Duos to come out, the new iMac, Windows Vista, and now that Leopard is shipping in 10 days time, it's now the sweetest time for me to purchase a new desktop replacement, an iMac running Vista of course.

Countdown, today is 10 MORE DAYS TO LEOPARD!

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