Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Leopard: Now shipping with free blue screens

It seems that Leopard could have done with more beta testing before the launch day, because immediately after users bought Leopard to install on their Macs, serious and even laughable problems have surfaced.

We all are aware of the infamous blue screen on PCs, but apparently, Leopard does throw up a blue screen when it's unhappy too! Unbelievable? Read the crn article here. The article reads that "Apple is confirming that some installations of its Leopard operating system have left a Blue Screen of Death, and recommends the OS be reinstalled or installers use "line commands" to get the systems booting properly. "

After completing an upgrade installation of Leopard and restarting the computer, a blue screen may appear for an extended period of time, claims Apple who has admitted to this glitch.

The reason for this? Apple says that "you may have third-party "enhancement" software installed that does not work with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. "

Thankfully, a workaround has been documented here for affected users.  

I'm disappointed, really. This isn't the OS X we've come to know about, but I guess it's the direct result of pushing for an early launch date before sufficient testing was done. Even before 1-2 weeks of the launch, Leopard had yet to acquire GM status, and that was scary. I can only hope that Apple will permanently fix this fast and my advice is to do a full system backup before upgrading from previous versions of OS X to Leopard. Apple should have released a tool like the Vista Upgrade Advisor so that these problems can be identified before the installation is done and users can uninstall the incompatible software before proceeding with the full Leopard installation, that'd be thoughtful!

Argh... utterly unacceptable, Apple!

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