Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Leopard: Thoughts before release

Is it just me or do you also think that the countdown timer on Apple’s homepage seems to fuel more excitement and urge you to pre-order a copy of Leopard?

Haha… Just before the ferocious Leopard is revealed to the world in about 9 days time, I have one thought which I would like to share with you.

Presonally, I feel that this release couldn’t have arrived at a worst time than now, frankly, considering the unpleasant recent series of events with the iPhone and update 1.1.1, which I believe has inflicted a certain amount of damage to Apple as a brand name, and with the current shaky reputation it has, Leopard might not be so well-received initially until consumer confidence restores back.

I mean, although those who jailbroke their iPhone may be a small community of users, but Apple must not forget that these are the “tech geeks”, the true genuine Apple supporters who will very willingly buy the next thing that Apple releases, so now that their trust in Apple has been shaken, it would affect their overall impression of Apple. And they aren’t going to keep quiet about everything, these guys have a voice, and if their unhappy, their gonna make some noise, and the rest of us users will be convinced to adopt a similar negative impression of Apple, well at least temporarily. And so, with this teetering situation Apple is in right now, involved in iPhone lawsuits, and even with the recent attack by environmental group Greenpeace on the environmentally unfriendly iPhone, the release of Leopard would take place against a less-than-ideal backdrop, and this may have implications on the initial adoption of Leopard.

Do you share the same sentiments?


bfs said...

haha. i don't think singaporean apples care. guess the unrelease of the iphone had some good impact :)

Ian Ho said...

yeah, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Singapore!