Monday, October 8, 2007

United Live: In A Valley By The Sea

HILLSONG UNITED has released another album!!
Haha, found that out while randomly surfing for guitar tabs! Hey, and I got to learn how to pluck the song "To Know Your Name" from Saviour King, well at least I could pluck the chorus and verse, but the bridge looks to "stretchy" for me, sorry it's way beyond my hands reach on my acoustic.

"The Hillsong United 'Next Generation' EP is the anthem of a rising generation of young worshipers crying out to God. With a raw passion and desire to see the Kingdom of God established on earth, “In a valley by the sea – the summercamp experiment” will encourage you to step into the presence of God like never before. Recorded live at Summercamp 2007, with over 1000 young people praising God in a new and fresh way, these under 21’s are taking worship to a whole new level."
- From Hillsong Music Australia website

I've heard the preview tracks over YouTube, and I can tell this is gonna be another fantastic album in the typical United style (remember, I'm a Hillsong fan :P), even though there are just 7 tracks!

I can't wait for this album to be in stores here, ah the anticipation is killing me... It couldn't come at a better time, I'm running out of songs to listen to!

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