Sunday, December 23, 2007

iPod number 5

My family is indeed a family of iPods. And guess what, believe this or not, we just got another iPod touch today! Oh yes, the SECOND iPod touch, but this time it's for my sister as a replacement for the aging nano 1G (which has some button issues).

It's an 8GB touch purchased at the Parkway Apple store. There was a 10% discount, and she got a pink silicon cover as well. It was a tough decision for her because on one hand, I was advocating the new nano simply because from a pure music player standpoint, the nano is clearly superior to the touch, but on the other hand, the quiet little voice within her said that having the internet and YouTube with her on the go was too attractive and appealing.

So now she uses the touch as her sole listening device, and there's an unused nano 1G which I've decided to retire and preserve as an antique item.

Here's some photos from the unboxing ceremony...

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