Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WWDC 08: First thoughts

Wow. Stayed up till 2am last night (today actually) to catch the keynote live from engadget. Was staring at the screen and constantly refreshing engadget while the rest of my family were asleep. After a while I couldn't take it and decided that I would just catch the video in the morning.

So woke up today and the first thing I did was to check the Apple website. Watched a bit of the video, and my first thoughts are that everything we anticipated came true.

There was a 3G iPhone, it has a plastic back, it's faster, it's thinner, the screen and look is still similar to the old phone, it has GPS, it'll reach Singapore... All these were known before hand. So no surprises for me.

Even MobileMe came true, though I've yet to understand what this is completely.

The iPhone took centrestage in the keynote, but they also talked about 'Snow Leopard'.

Cool stuff! I'll be formally reviewing these announcements soon, so do check back today or tmr!

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