Sunday, August 3, 2008

NDP preview 08: fireworks

Went to catch the national day preview fireworks yesterday with Photog members Jian Wei, Keith and Lynn. Met Winston and Kenny there too :) they were doing video!

We went to Esplanade and camped there from 5pm onwards, armed with 4 tripods and cameras and my REMOTE TRIGGER (which proved useful)! It was quite crowded by around 6 plus, and directly beside us on both sides were children eager to watch the aerial display too. I also saw photographers all around us equipped with long lenses and pro bodies.

The fireworks show started at 8. We were really close; I could feel the ground boom and to my dismay the ash fell on us too. The aftermath was quite unpleasant :( This year's fireworks was closer to us than before... and as I happen to read from a CNA article: Major Sean Tan, chairman, fireworks, National Day Parade, said: "This year, what we have conceptualised is to bring the fireworks nearer to the audience. LOL. But nonetheless it was a pretty unique experience!

Here are some of the better shots I got:

And a group shot =)

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