Thursday, September 4, 2008

New iPods this Sept confirmed

Let's rock!

It's confirmed! There will be an Apple event on 9th September where Jobs will introduce new iPods! He will introduce a taller, rounded nano and a new touch, consistent with the iPhone 3G's design and featuring volume controls at the side (finally). With these new hardware, there should also be an update to iTunes, version 8.0. You know what? I really hope that Apple will drop those scratch-able shiny metallic backs of the iPods and opt for a more durable material.

Also in the pipeline are new MacBooks, but I speculate that will come later at the end of the year instead of 9th sept. These new MacBooks are rumoured to be aluminium, and feature a better GPU and new chips with faster clock speeds. So if you're thinking of getting new iPods/MacBook, hold on for a while!

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