Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm really upset

I didn't feel good yesterday... was both upset and angry with my younger sis. Maybe it's true that sometimes I do love things more than people, like my mum tells me... and it's a bad attitude that I need to change.

So yesterday afternoon my sister came back from her class chalet, and the first thing I asked her immediately after coming home was "where's the camera?" (Referring to the new LX3) She told me in a bo-chap way: "it's on the bed la."

So I went to her bed, unzipped the Lowepro Apex case, took out the LX3 and the first thing I noticed was the switch (to change between photo and review mode) was faulty... and not functioning properly. Then I scanned the camera body, cleaned the screen and my heart sank when I saw many many short scratches on the screen, and a paint chip at the bottom. That was when I just lost my cool. I went up to my sis, and began questioning her while she was still bo-chap and watching TV... I was really super pissed then, and started scolding and shouting at her. I flared up, used some strong words on her... but all she did was laze on the couch, continued to ignore me and pretend I was kicking a fuss out of nothing. What pissed me off was that I specifically told her 2 days ago when she left that if the camera comes back spoilt, I'm going to be mad... and boy I was.

Up to today (the next morning), she has not sincerely apologized to me, and now I have to send in the LX3 for repair by myself, at Bukit Merah. It's not even a month old, and only 2 days of usage with her... now I have to fix the problems she created. It's really distressing... I thought she could be trusted, but oh wells, how much can I trust a 14 year-old huh.

I hope both my sis and I learnt something from this. She should have been more careful with the camera, while me, I should learn how to love people more than things. But for now, I'm thankful for warranty.

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