Thursday, September 15, 2005

I dislike Microsoft

Look around you, and you’ll notice that almost everyone everywhere owns a computer running on the ever-so-common Windows XP operation system by Microsoft. Most of them have never experienced the true pleasure of computing.

Well, not unless they have laid their hands on a Mac.

That’s why more people are turning to Apple when it comes to quality, user-friendly and more powerful computers. I bet you Bill is getting really worried that the once mainstream OS giant would topple overnight, explaining why they are rushing to get their new OS Windows Vista released as quickly as possible.

Sadly, I’m still your average Microsoft XP user, facing the same old frustrating glitches and problems with the system. On the bright side of things, I will be getting a Mac at year-end. I’m tired of Microsoft.

Firstly, Windows are so vulnerable to viruses, spyware, adware, malware, and trojan horses that any machine without an anti-virus software installed will not be able to last more than half a year. I mean it. The main reason why most Windows users switch to Mac is because of more security against unwanted viruses and programs. And that’s the main reason why I’m switching too. But having said that, it doesn't mean that Macs are 100% virus free. It’s just that the chances of a virus getting onto a Mac is very, very slim.

Recently, my Norton anti-virus 2005 is giving me problems again…for the second time. It is unable to update my worm protection signatures. Ai yah so irritating!

Macs are so much more beautiful and stylish when it comes to design. The latest Mac mini has only a CPU measuring 16.51cm by 16.51cm by 5cm! It’s compact, professional and clean design makes it an irresistible computer that everyone wishes to own. And with prices starting from just a mere S$928, yes that’s right S$928, I don’t see why affordability is an obstacle. Unlike the standard Windows PC with a bulky, large and heavy CPU that takes up so much space!

As for speed and productivity, Macs do not lose out to Windows in any way. There’s always this misbelieve that Macs are not compatible with Windows. That is definitely not true, at least from what I know so far.

With so much great benefits, I don’t see why the next computer you’re going to purchase must be a Windows, unless you are so ever faithful to Microsoft that you will not even try venturing into something new! And it’s pointless to wait for Vista…there is nothing really much to expect.

Change is good!

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小猫王 said...

YAY!!!!MAc covert!!!! Whoooooo!!!!! U rock am, IAn !!!
Windoze users....IN UR FACE!!!!