Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My first post on my first blog

This is my first ever post on a blog!!! I'm so exhilarated...this is the beginning of my blogging life!

So some of u may be wonderin...why on earth did I sign up for a blog? I have listed down some reasons below:

1) Peer pressure. I must admit that I've succumbed to it. Almost everybody owns their own personal blog nowadays. Two of my close friends and schoolmates, Mu Yao (aka cat) and Weng Keong, have influenced me greatly in blogging.

2) I have never felt the excitement in blogging before, and since setting up a blog is so easy, I thought that it would be fun to start my own blog. It gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction too in knowing that I do have my individual blog.

3) A blog acts as an online journal (except that the public can view it) and I believe that it is a good way of expressing your thoughts and feelings, as well as recording down memorable and meaningful events that took place.

4) It helps improve my writing skills. Every post is just like a short essay where I can practice penning my thoughts and feelings and polish up my english. Who may help me in my composition writing! lol...

I truly hope that you will enjoy browsing through my blog!

Scream Out Loud!


小猫王 said...

Ian, welcome to the blogging community. U're warmly welcome. I'm glad I've inspired u onto the road to blogging. Weng Keong has a good blog. U should see other blogs for some inspiration. The next step u should take is to get a tagboard. It would save pple from going to the post to post comments....

Nick said...

I just started blogging too. yay!