Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Today's maths presentation

Put a lousy projector with a slow HP laptop. The projector which needs roughly 1 hour to cool down before switching it on after using. The machine with 480MB ram, 1.50 Intel Inside Pentium R processor, a 40GB harddisk and Service Pack 1. Running on XP Professional of course.

You get wonders. Brillant combination. Absolutely.

You get a computer which hangs all of a sudden during a Powerpoint presentation (PPT).

Well that's what happened to me today, when Samuel, Guo Wei and me went up to present our June Mathematics Learning Trip to Beijing to our dear sec 1 Victorians.

Unfortunate. And definitely damn malu.

All of a sudden when Guo Wei was presenting, the damn laptop decided to cock up. We didn't touch the mouse. We didn't touch the keyboard. We didn't even touch a single thing on the computer. And it just magic.

The PPT suddenly closed itself and a stupid MSN messenger window opened up. And it was signing in. I don't know if it was connected to the internet or what...but Mu Yao says there's probably wi-fi at the hall or something. Samuel said that it "picked" up some weak signals from the nearby hostel. What crap. Crappy crap. I dont believe their theories. I don't understand how the damn hell MSN could sign in when it isn't even connected to the internet. Simultaneously, another weird Windows Update window popped up from nowhere. I suppose that caused the PPT to crazy. We jammed the enter button and click the mouse so many times in a vain attempt to make the presentation play. But it just didn't budge.

Instead, the screen hanged and only the blue HP Invent wallpaper was displayed. Control alternate delete didn't work too, after a few desperate tries.

We had to resort to the shut down button. Only that budged. Thankfully, it shut down and restarted.

And the presentation continued.

Lesson learnt: switch to a mac.

Or should we not?

FYI, Microsoft Office for Mac totally SUCKS. I emphasize SUCKS.

It's totally different. There's no the "with previous" option, no motion path, no "exit" animations and there are a whole lot of different effects.

Result when you play a Microsoft Office PPT on a Microsoft Office for Mac: Total crap and junk. Totally frustrating.

So is a Mac always that good? Think twice, or the consequences may be dire.



sacred_server said...

definitely serves you right..... it doesn't always have to be the computer. theres always a possibility of it being you. or your all time favourite friend..........

sacred_server said...

oh, and finally you stopped screaming. i was going deaf.

Ian Ho said...

caleb, actually its guo wei who cursed it. Not me, neither is it samuel. And when did i scream at you?

小猫王 said...

aiya....dun bicker...must have World Peace. Let bygones be bygones. That's why. Best thing around the world is to have a presentation that relies on Apple's keynote software for presentation in order to aviod scrrew-ups. U all haven't used it yet....I presume. Caused you are so not used to it.