Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The 4th day of my hols

It’s only the 4th day of my two month long holidays.

And I must admit that I’m getting a little bit bored already.

Last night I slept at 10.45 (which is freaking early) and I woke up at 10.11 today (which is freaking late). That equates to roughly 11.5 hours of sleep. Gosh, no wonder I feel so energetic today!

After washing up and having a light breakfast, I read the newspaper…Digital Life to be exact.

Then I used the computer. Managed to download the latest version of MSN Search Toolbar. Cool, IT ALLOWS TAB BROWSING!!!! Also, there’s this function which indexes your whole PC so that you can search for virtually any file through Windows Desktop Search…something similar to those on Macs. Not to mention that there’s a pop-up blocker too! Finally, I can bid farewell to those stupid, irritating and disturbing unwanted pop-ups, and I can enjoy the breeze and convenience of tab browsing! MSN Toolbar totally rocks!

After that, I practiced the piano and guitar for about an hour or so.

In the afternoon at 1, I played with my Lego set and created a menacing, sleek sedan. Ok, you may be thinking that omg a fourteen year old is still playing LEGO?! Yup, that’s absolutely right. I liked Lego ever since I was young. It is the perfect toy for you to experiment, build, design and play with. Of course, my hi-fi was tuned to Yes 933 to accompany me all these while.

I completed my masterpiece at 3 and decided to use the computer again…this time round to explore Macromedia Flash MX. Finally, I have mastered the art of motion tweening. Flash is really a very efficient software if you know how to fully utilize all of its features.

I plan to go jogging later in the evening to shed off those extra kilos accumulated in these few months. I can, and must, get a little thinner, and start building up those bulging muscles (without looking like some sumo-wrestler).

I think this is a relatively boring post. I’m just reporting my day to you.

I’m soon dying of boredom unless I find more things to do.

That’s all folks!

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