Monday, November 7, 2005

Ou De Yang concert at Padang on 3rd Nov

Ok I know, the Ou De Yang Da Xing Yan Chang Hui was on the 3rd (last Thursday) but today's the 7th. Sorry but I just didn't have time these few days as I have been working on a Powerpoint slideshow for the Ocean concert. 35.5MB...yup, that's the size of the whole PPT. Basically, it's a slideshow of the pictures I took.

Many say that Ou De Yang shouldn't reveal his face, because:

1) His voice doesn't match his looks. Ya, no doubt I agree with that even though I'm a great, enthusiastic Ocean fan. But who gives a damn?! We buy albums for music, not so much because the artist has good looks, rite? Who would buy an album with sucky songs even though the singer looks gorgeous? Personally, I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw him crashing through the gigantic paper box in the centre of the stage.

2) His looks are mediocre. Yes, I agree with this statement again. But neither does he look horrid like some ugly duckling. Frankly speaking, he looks decent, simple and he's the type of person that I prefer. Shoulder's length hair, white cap, beige long pants, shirt...he looks perfectly fine to me. Unlike some vain pop star who gels his hair into hard spikes and all...

3) He looks older than the cartoon. Yes, we all agree again as a fact. The cartoon was some nose-less, tall, rather thin person that has freaking broad shoulders. So, again, it was a pleasant surprise when he first appeared to the 8000 strong crowd at the Padang in the 1.5 hour long concert.

4) It's because his mysterious, that's why his album sells fact, it's very, very, good. I'm not amazed, honestly, because such a refined, magnificent, perfect album with his heart-warming, sweet and pleasant voice SHOULD sell well, flying off the shelves like hotcakes. However, I think that his second album, Seeing A Six Coloured Rainbow, should receive a little bit more piblicity as it is an equally perfect, wonderful album with simple, catchy tunes that almost everyone would remember, and appreciate. Well, Play Music says that Ocean revealed himself because the 'time was right'. And, again, I agree. After two impeccable albums, I think it's time Ou De Yang showed himself behind the lovable caricature that most have come to associate him with.

Sadly, his parents disapprove of him singing, just because his previous three-member band, Y.I.Y.O., was disbanded after releasing two albums, and his father viewed him as a failure in the music industry where he should never have ventured into. Well, isn't he doing very well now? In fact, very successful for a person whom nobody has seen before 3rd Nov. Not even his relatives, parents, sisters, brothers, anybody.

Ou De Yang has loved singing ever since he was young, and eating too. That's why he was called Xiao Niao (little bird in Chinese) last time. But now, with bird flu and the deadly H5N1 strain spreading like wild fire, it's better that he sticks to Ocean Ou De Yang, whom we all love and recognise, don't we?

Well, last Thursday, Mu Yao, Wei Liang, Andrew, Hin Kai, Pock Tong, Jun Jie, Guo Wei, Ms Lim and me met at City Hall MRT before proceeding to the Padang a stone's throw away to wait for around 1.5 hours standing in the sun. Poor Andrew was sweating so much and was so thirsty that Mu Yao had to give him his drink. Halfway into the concert, he went to the mobile toilet and vommitted. Couldn't stand the heat, I think. It was really hot, except for the few welcomed occasional breezes that lasted no longer than 5 seconds. We arrived relatively early, so we managed to stand relatively close to the stage just after the VIP seats. Even then, the pictures that I took were either blur, too small to sharply zoom into Ocean, or dominated with black circles popping up (referring to people's heads FYI).

Although the ticket stated that the concert would start at 5pm (which is never exact), it started an annoying 30 mins later at 5.30. Meanwhile, Ocean's first two albums were looped continuously over the blasting speakers. Ms Lim was, suprisingly, reading her book on 'Why Teacher's Quit' while standing in the Padang waiting patiently for the concert to commence. I totally admire her ability to concentrate on the book admist all the noise, music, heat and the sea of people from all walks of life.

After it ended, we made our way to Crystal Jade at Suntec City for dinner, where Ms Lim treated us. I ordered noodles and Andrew couldn't finish his fried rice...he looked exhausted and tired. Mu Yao decided to order the most expensive and most stuff amongst all of us. Well done, miao. Thankfully, Ms Lim is a gracious and generous person...Lum said the bill amounted to S$170++........quite unbelievable, really. Cos we didn't order like crazy.

Now back to the concert again.

The concert wasn't disappointing, despite the few technical glitches when the microphone didn't work at the start. A little bit malu lah, but Wo Men Dou Ke Yi Ti Liang and accept...who cares as long as you get to see Ou De Yang in person?! There were also a few other singers that were present...Joi Cai Chun Jia sang a duet with Ou De Yang in Xiao Fu Qi, Chen Wei Lian was there, with two other singers unknown to me. In fact, Ocean was so touched by the support the audience gave that he teared while singing. Indeed, this was a dream come true for him. Never did he imagine that he could stand infront of his fans one day to perform. So was it for me. Never did I expect the day when he revealed himself to be so soon. His voice didn't disappoint us...for he sang almost, almost exactly like the recorded track in the CD. Ou De Yang also received an enlarged picture of his debut album framed up as a 'prize' for achieving the most popular Chinese album sold in Singapore or something...

He didn't make it big back in his homeland Taiwan, but now he's widely known in Singapore. I WILL support Ocean Ou De Yang no matter what...not just because of his songs and because good songs are meant to be supported, but because he is a polite, gentle and decent singer who is blessed with a heart-warming and pleasant voice.

Without question, Ocean is my number 1 Chinese singer. Besides, he was the first singer that I came to know when I first got interested in Chinese pop music at the start of sec 1.

JIA YOU OU DE YANG, WO MEN YONG YUAN ZHI CHI NI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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