Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Guess where am I blogging from?

To be precise,
The AEP Media Lab.

To be even more precise,
The AEP Media Lab with 10 Power Mac G5s.

To go right down to the details,
At the Lab with Weng Keong.

To be so meticulous,
Listening to music blasting from the speakers connected to his 20GB ipod while working on the events pages for the annual school magazine, The Victorian.

To tell you the truth,
I shouldn't be blogging now. But then again, it's only me and Weng Keong here. Who cares?

To phrase it in a nicer way,
I'm now taking a SHORT break from my work.

When am I going to leave school?
Dunno. When everything that is supposed to be done is done? Maybe. But I predict it'll be around 5 when it's all done.

What do I have on top of my bag now?
Hilary Duff's first album, burned by Weng Keong a while ago for me. So sweet.

Once again,
Thank you Weng Keong. Hilary rocks!!!

How am I feeling now?

Cos I shouldn't be slacking.

So what do I have to say?
That's all folks gotta get back to business.

What do you think of this post?
Oh boy Ian you are freaking lame today.

How do I reply?
Yes I am dude.

How do I end this post?

By saying...


I need traffic!

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