Monday, November 28, 2005

The Heaven

I'm in school now.

Oh no, correction...

I'm in the heaven. The Mac heaven.

Yup, I'm here again to work on the annual school magazine, The Victorian.

Weng and Darryl's with me. So here are some pictures touched up in iphoto.

Oh that's the ever slendous, cute Martin posing.

Two monitors joined to one CPU, yes, Mac is capable of doing just that. Result: extra long screen for maximum work space.

Darryl soaked in a tint of green. Working so diligently on photoshop. He told me he only slept for one hour from 6 am to 7 am. Poor boy...

The lab. The Macs. Definitely tempting.

The comfortable sofa and beanbags at the back of the lab. Perfect for resting.

So that's it now, Darryl and Weng are pestering me to resume my work.

Gotta stop here.


flooble said...

nice photos! touch up the fourth one a little more and it'll make a very nice advertisment (:

Ian Ho said...

lolz...the room is in quite a mess. Btwm use the tag board in future :)