Friday, November 18, 2005

New CD

Today Mdm Tazneen let me off relatively early from the tedious job of designing the annual school magazine, The Victorian. Finally, I get to see daylight upon stepping out of the staff workroom (I usually end at around 6 to 7). I boarded service 55 at 4: 11 pm.

This gave me the opportunity to drop by at Hougang Mall Popular CD-Rama to buy a new CD, entitled iworship No Boundaries. I used my $10 gift voucher (which expires next month, so I have to quickly use it) to pay a portion of the $22.90 price tag. Simple calculation will tell you that I forked out $12.90. By the time I pressed the lift button at my flat void deck, it was 5: 36 pm.

I have yet to listen to the 2 disc compilation…so I can’t certainly say that my money was well spent. Well, after all, most CDs that I purchase are a gamble, a risk, as I’m unsure if it’s good.

Don’t you agree?

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