Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday, the holy Sabbath

Yupp, Sunday means church (I attend Bedok Methodist Church). Today, I played the guitar for the Children’s Ministry worship. The young children were very curious about the wooden instrument with a big, hollow hole in the centre and a long ‘neck’ which ends with 6 silver ‘knobs’, connecting 6 strings stretched tightly across the instrument. As a matter of fact, their curiosity led some of the daring ones to tamper with the ‘knobs’. Yes, they helped me ‘tune’ the guitar alright. Haha…

After playing, I joined my youth ministry (Frontliners it’s called) with the usual service.

A short time of teaching followed after worship. Our ministry leader, Aunty Judy Foo, came up to teach us about worship.

So, I shall summarize what I’ve learnt:
1) Worship is only made possible because there is God (or Jesus). Without Him, worship is meaningless.
2) Worship, for Christians, is not an optional activity. We were made to praise and glorify His name.
3) We can only experience true worship when we accept Him as our Lord, King and Saviour.
4) We must come to worship with the right attitude. We must recognize that we require His love and mercy, and that we are all sinners.

When church ended, we made our way to our regular lunch hang-out, the nearby Parkway Parade. But instead of eating at the food court usually, my younger sister suggested to dine at Sakae Sushi. My dad approved, but my mom reluctantly nodded her head unwillingly. Firstly, she doesn’t like Japanese food. In fact, she didn’t even order anything. Secondly, I think she finds it extravagant. Well, I ordered a tempura bento set ($11.90) and my father ordered another one for himself too.

We then visited our grandmother with a Mocha cake as it was her birthday.

In the afternoon, I got a much-needed hair cut.

And now I’m blogging.

I think after this I’ll continue on my PowerPoint animation test. I’m experimenting with simultaneous animation effects…It’s really cool.


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