Sunday, March 19, 2006

Alas! Time has been made…

To all readers: I would like to start off by asking for your apologies…because I feel so bad about not updating my blog for SO SO SO SO long. It has been ages since I signed in to blogger…but I hope this doesn’t let any of you to speculate that my online life is non-existent.

It’s just that my focus on the internet has been forcefully changed by circumstances, from fun and blogging to the serious and boring SCHOOL WORK AND PROJECTS. Yup, so my stack of assignments has robbed me of blogging.

Well, as I’m typing this, I gaze to the top right hand corner of my iBook’s 14 inch screen, and I notice that the time is a late 1:22am on Sunday. Beside me my compact little hi-fi is tuned to 933 to keep me company. I have just finished tidying up my otherwise messy room, and expectedly, I collected a huge chunk of dust every time I swiped my yellow cloth on the surface of almost anything. My room was filthly, but that was a moment ago. Now it is noticeably cleaner. I just had a shower in the middle of the night, and when I was bathing I decided that I MUST dedicate some time to my blog which I’ve neglected totally, so here am I typing this post. If not, I’ll feel guilty for not satisfying my readers (if any) with a little insight into my busy life.

Ok, now for a brief run-down of my March holidays.

Oh wait. It CANNOT be termed holidays…it should be called home-based schooling instead. Yup.

Saturday: Studying at home, tuition in the evening
Sunday: Church, then my friends came over to play
Monday: Studying at home, piano lessons at night
Tuesday: Studying at home
Wednesday to Thursday: Piano Ensemble camp, helped paint classroom for 30 mins
Friday: Studying at home again
Saturday: I’ll tell you now.

Today (or rather yesterday since it’s past 12) was remarkably one of the slackest days of the whole week. I didn’t touch my work for once. Amazing ain’t it?

The first half of the day was spent with Samuel and Mu Yao, then came home to view the Choirboys videos courtesy of Samuel, had tuition, ate dinner, watched some TV and lazed around, cleaned my room and now blog.

In the morning, Samuel and Mu Yao darlings and me met up at East Coast MacDonald’s just to catch up with each other and talk. I was 15 minutes late, and Mac was quite crowded. So after eating just a little bit of bread, we headed out for a bench.

Oh wait. Pause. For those of you who do not know the two, Mu Yao and Sameul was my classmates from VS last year. Mu Yao is still at VS, but Samuel is currently at TJC integrated programme. All of us were from the Art Elective Progamme (AEP), and not to forget Mu Yao also owns a Mac…Mac mini G4 to be specific. He was the one who converted me from Windows to the world’s most advanced operating system: OS X Tiger!

Samuel brought out his Fujitsu Tablet PC (still a Windows) to amaze us with the material he compiled from the net about this UK boy band called The Choirboys, which he is crazily in love with. His research resulted in a whole folder dedicated for them, which includes photos, PPTs, videos, lyrics, web pages and stuff. But soon we found out that that bench had red ants occasionally, it was hot, and the tablet screen was very reflective in the open, so we couldn’t really make out what was on the screen. Oh ya…I found the Windows XP Tablet Edition’s overall feel is much nicer and the buttons look so much more artistic.

So after tampering with Samuel’s toy for a while, we decided to go to Mu Yao’s condominium nearby (the one beside Parkway Parade) instead to talk. We walked there, and to our utmost surprise it so happened that Goh Chok Tong was visiting the condominium. So we had the pleasure of seeing him, albeit surrounded by residents and photographers. The condo was a truly beautiful place…the toilets had AIRCON and it was so cold inside there, the pools reminded me of Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia, and the whole condo itself looked like a perfect permanent residential hotel.


We stayed there for quite some time; Mu Yao passed me his wonderful pictures about the AEP trip to Mediacorp on Friday, some pictures of himself, Samuel kindly copied his entire Choirboys folder and his incredible Porsche Carrera GT model photos to my 40GB portable hard disk, and I gave both of them some songs.

Oh ya, plus Mu Yao copied for me the whole LJJ's Cao Cao album! And his songs totally rock! (Except that I'm not used to hearing a chinese pop singer singing vaguely to an english song.)

Finally we went Parkway to eat lunch. But first we visited Best and Harvey just for fun. I learnt that LCD TVs were pioneered initially by LG, so Samuel was saying that LG’s LCDs are good. We saw Samuel’s new Yamaha hi-fi set costing a whopping $700 plus, all in his $5000 package to refurnish his room. Cool.

After eating at BK, we parted at around 1:30pm and the thoughts of homework started to overwhelm my mind once again in the bus.

And it just came across my mind as a lame joke that robbing or stealing is against the law, and education robs me of my online life and personal and relaxation time, so in other words, education, something controlled by the school, which is supposedly lawful, actually goes against the law by ripping our life away! So is studying against the law?

Well, I truly hope for this to come true. But in the meantime, that’s just wishful thinking on our part.

Long live Steve Jobs, long live iTunes, long live iBooks and Mac Minis and long live Macintosh and Apple. To hell with Windows and Bill.

Ian =)

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