Friday, February 24, 2006

Physics nightmare

I'm typing this post on my class computer. It's supposed to be recess now, after which we have our electives and then school ends. Jourdan and Esmond are busily dancing mass dance songs...and I'm occasionally interrupted when they want to change songs. But that's not the point.

The point is: my physics test has just ended...a 30 questions mcq test. But it's not your average usual test. We answered using the classroom something system...where every student is given a blue remote control about the size of a normal cordless phone, and on it white buttons a-f pops up. Near Mr Boy's laptop hangs a dome shaped blue sensor, in which we are suppose to aim at and press our answer. Each question was permitted 1 minute to answer, so the duration in all was half an hour.

That's nothing so bad...but wat's bad is that i screwed up TWO questions. The test was easy on the whole...but except for two damned questions which required me a little damn bit more time to answer...AND I DIDN'T HAVE THAT TIME!!!!

The disadvantage of that system is that you damn can't change your freaking answers! Once the minute is over, nothing you do can alter your answer. So after that when I checked my work, I found two mistakes! What pisses me off totally is that this accounts for 30% of ca, and I KNOW the answers, but you cannot change it!

But well, like what I always say, what's done is done. So I'll try to ditch my discontent aside and try again next round (if there is). Today I also got back my biology and chemistry class test results. They were mediocre: 15/20 and 12/15 respectively. So very disappointing. Haiz. Oh by the way I got Google Earth last night...tried to locate VJC but couldn't pin point it specifically, then I gave up.

Well, after school ends I'm gonna get the VS school magazine that I designed during the December holidays! Yeah so excited!

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