Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Life

Hi all: I would first like to say a very super mega sorry for not updating my blog. I feel really bad...but finally I am doing so now.

Well, school life is picking pace already...the work load's piling gradually, the pressure is re-emerging, the worksheets, projects and assignments are fast drowning the frail me, and i'm quietly shouting help inside me, to no avail. And the unsettling fact that this is just THE BEGINNING pisses me off totally.

Or I suppose almost everybody is. However, that's does not mean that I'm not enjoying my education. It is undubitably enriching and meaningful, but recently there's this ever-growing opposition inside me towards studying. Sometimes when I flip open my notes to start crackling, an unexplainable sense of melancholy, exhaustion and indolence overwhelmes me. The drive and motivation to study has suddenly deserted me.

Today I had my chemistry test...and I screwed it up substantially. One super careless calculation error on electronic configuration and another question which I had the slightest idea what it meant. Well, the even more disturbing thing is that I have Chinese spelling tomorrow. Mind you, it's not just any normal spelling. She's gonna READ SCENTENCES from the textbook. That's living hell.

But amid all these stressful issues which I have to overcome, there are some more comforting things which I can seek peace in. Firstly, my CCA...the people are great, they are friendly, and I can relate to them. Secondly, and most importantly, my faith.

Amongst all these tough times, I can seek refuge in the Lord...for whatever happens, He will be there for me, His promises never change, He will be God forever...and I rejoice in that fact. In Him I find calmness, assurance and direction. He is the guide to my otherwise messed up life. He is the one who leads me in the right path in this corrupted society, He is the one who controls my life.

Despite all these trying moments, I've an everlasting friend.

And praise the Lord for that.

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