Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Something and cross-country

It seems to me that there’s a new disturbing and uncouth trend surfacing amongst us teenagers: the too frequent use of the f-word. I completely abhor that crude word; it is, and will continue to be, denuded from my relatively clean vocabulary. This word is only reserved for vulgar, thoughtless souls who have, quite obviously, a limited range of vocabulary.

What’s more disturbing, saddening and upsetting is the fact that once ‘innocent’ people close to me (which I shall not mention) have also began following the herding instinct, proclaiming that disgusting word with such commendable fervor and without even embracing the slightest feelings of guiltiness. Well, under such an influential environment, it would be a challenge for me to remain faithful to my vow: not to use the f-word ever.

Well, I guess that once we get promoted to upper sec, this trend is rather inevitable. My schoolmates curse the f-word over almost anything that might upset them or cause them unhappiness; it is rapidly becoming a daily phenomenon where I witness people use that word a few times. Yes, although we may have the liberty to use whatever language pleases us, we must realize that our language reflects strongly on our character and family background. It is an inaudible way of conversing to others about your moral values.

So I strongly urge these corrupted souls to put a stop to using the f-word, unless you absolutely completely do not mind others regarding you as a vulgar entity.

Now after I have said so much, I shall move on to something lighter: today’s annual cross-country.

It is obligatory for every student to take part in this event, which robs us, to our utmost happiness, ironically, of our usual lessons. So it was a rather short day for us, the event ending at 11.

The boys had to complete a 4.8km route at East Coast, and the girls, being the ever-fortunate gender, a comparably short 3.2km course. The girls commenced their jog first, followed half an hour later by the boys.

Indolence got the better of me; I didn’t really have the motivation to run, so I just jogged along with one of my classmates. He stopped for a few times to convert to the less tiring way of running (walking), and I dedicatedly followed him and encouraged him. The result? A college position of 490 out of roughly 950 males. Haha, he clinched 491, because he lost to me in the dramatic final sprint to the finishing line.

After the cross-country finished, I stayed back for a while to eat with a few other classmates and to play the piano. Recently, there’s this class obsession with the pianos, and I, having the ability to play, have been one of the class ‘stars’ when it comes to piano. I think they are particularly interested in my uncanny capability to play virtually any known song to me without scores by ear. Well, I have just got to admit (with a tinge of egoistic-ness), that it is unexplainable talent.

Haha…well, that’s all for now after my quite long absence from blogging. Somehow I’ve sensed that my readership has deceased, but never mind, this is more of a personal online journal. I definitely don’t fancy my blog being bombarded my scores of comments like Wendy Cheng’s, or better recognized as Xiaxue.

This said, however, doesn’t translate to me not wanting a teeny bit more publicity.

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