Monday, January 23, 2006

Fast and furious

Haha today I got back home at 3...and that's the earliest I'd get to reach home every week. Today lessons officially started...but that's besides the point.

Today's topic? My all-time favourite again: the Mac.

I'm truly impressed with the Apple server. One word: fast.

It's amazingly unbelievably quick...really. I was utterly shocked.

Well, I used Software Update (the Macintosh version of Windows Update) yesterday and got the latest OS - OS X 10.4.4!!!! There were a few minor changes...but it's overall the same. Got a new calendar in the dashboard, a couple of security fixes and stuff. Perhaps something similar to Microsoft's SP2 update. The file I downloaded was a whopping 119MB big file, probably the largest I've ever downloaded off the net. Well...perhaps 'big' is an understatement. Colossal is a more appropriate word. Anyways, it took around 50 minutes to download only!

I also got the latest version of iTunes - 6.0.2. No noticable changes once again...but the download speed was preposterously fast. In total yesterday I downloaded roughly 200MB of updates...and the Apple server was just fantastic. That's not to forget it was done wirelessly on my iBook with the Airport signal strength of about 2 bars.

Well...the Mac evangelist has to say this once again: the Mac rules!

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