Friday, January 20, 2006

Unnamed 1

I would like to apologise to all for my irregularly erratic blog posts...but when school starts it's literally hard to extract time to blog. Hmm, right now as I'm typing I do so on a Fujitsu Lifebook S Series, we are having a super long lunch break. Yup, the much venerated and acclaimed Lifebook sure lives up to its name. It's a compact, super light, slim baby, and it's tough body assumes an air of superiority. In the background there's loud music blasting from our classroom desktop: a black IBM Think Centre.

We are currently having our Helmsman Financial Literacy Week ends today actually. Well...our break is coming to an end soon, so same for this post. That's all folks for now.

I'll just like to end by saying that VJC is a fun and loving place. =)

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