Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The end times

We believers all recognize strongly that we are living in the end times. We live in an increasingly secular society. We live in times where pluralism has taken a firm hold. If one boldly speaks of the truth and the gospel, others will ostracize him, discriminate him, ridicule and label him as ‘forcing people to convert to Christianity’. Strangely enough, the secular generation is not too disturbed when we are closeted in our churches, but once we attempt to step out of our comfort zones to preach to the world, we are faced with insistent howls of protest.

What does the world speak of today? Magazines claim that power, authority and money are what we should all yearn for; it is bombarded by immoral values and dominated by sex. The internet has evolved from serving as educational sources to a convenient one-stop easy access location for pornography. Our world is in chaos; it is unmistakably disapproved by our Lord.

Not only is our physical world in a complete mess, but the spiritual world is also fighting a fierce battle against the evil one. We may lose battles, but we know as a fact that the Christians will win the war victoriously. Many tend to dismiss the spiritual realm, citing it as non-existent and ethereal in nature, but actually it is, in every way related to our physical world. Prophesies are fast becoming truths and yet many are not convinced that our God is a living god who wants a personal relationship with us. The Bible predicted that one day animals would turn against us and attack us, and it did, as prevalent in the recent epidemic of bird flu, and the previous mad cow disease. So never doubt the Bible, for whatever that is prophesied there will eventually transform into reality. It will.

This brings me to the point that the second coming of our King could happen anytime without prior warning. He is, and will, come to judge the earth and all those who are saved would enjoy life everlasting. Then, He will reign supreme and the devil will be held captive. Hence, we see it as a responsibility entrusted upon us to evangelize. As Selwyn Hughes has so timely mentioned in his compact but thought-provoking devotional guide ‘Every Day with Jesus’, he urges us to ‘evangelize or fossilize’. He notes that evangelism is not an option for believers, but a necessity we must fulfill. We must start preparing for our Savior’s grand return, so that we can face Him in confidence and proclaim that we are His children.

Beware, for He will come someday surely.

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