Thursday, January 5, 2006

Life enters a new phrase

I always believe in adopting an indefatigable enthusiastic attitude towards learning. My outlook to life is that in everything we do, no matter how insignificant or major, we must seek to do it assiduously. Ergo, I urge everyone to work diligently this year, for eventually, we will reap the joyous results of our grueling, hard work. Trust me on this, I assure you.

With my intriguing entry into the VIP also comes about my gloomy withdrawal from BB. It is an, indubitably, heart-wrenching decision that was hard to come to. Previously, the consensus with my officer was that most probably I’d still be serving the company on Saturdays, but almost so abruptly, and definitely pathetically, I found myself painfully typing a letter requesting for termination from my VS CCA. I had ploughed through the pros and cons and after forecasting disturbing issues which could arise due to my continuation, I had no choice but to bid a dreary farewell to BB. Very understandingly, Ms Neo accepted my letter of withdrawal.

So how’s my college life like? Well, it had been orientation for literally the whole day. The orientation hours were anomalously preposterous. The average orientation day ends remarkably at around 5 to 6. The whole school population, cited by our principal, has increased dramatically to approximately 1900. That’s quite a massive lot to squeeze into the hall during combined assembly.

Yup, we had our orientation programme in the hall, for roughly the whole day. Ventilation there was almost non-existent as I irritatingly scratched my itching body coated in a damp layer of perspiration. It was, almost magically, like taking a bath. My body was wet, my shirt as if half-dry, and to add on to the horror, the hall floor was somewhat a scattered rubbish dump, leaving behind remnants of squashed tissue, tattered paper, rubber bands, and a whole lot of dirt. Phrasing it in uglier and more direct terms, it was practically a baking oven.

A good part of the time was spent cheering and having mass dances. The cheers were uncannily similar to that of VS, however, VJ overwritten VS. Mass dances, an integral part of the college culture, is a must-do phenomenon that also doubles up as PE (or almost).

There were 8 leagues, and we had the appellation of Vahalla (which I’m still clueless what it means).

Concluding, I must say that the orientation’s main objective was achieved very successfully, and to a certain extend, over-done, and that is to bring all the ‘freshman’, as they crudely term, together and experience the Victorian Spirit.

Oh, and just to tell you, I met this jocose plump Indian senior (also from VS) who said that he wanted to rape an apple in a game, and amazingly stuff it up Rong Hua’s ass. Obnoxious.

Well, if he does miraculously achieve that feat, I’m sure it would enter the Guinness World Record. Till then, we can only imagine the excruciating pain Rong Hua has to endure.

And lastly, the teachers expect professional PowerPoint presentations for projects, and they despise the pre-done templates for use. Hmm…it should be a piece of cake for me! (A bit egoistic I know…)

All the best to you guys in 2006!

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