Friday, March 31, 2006

Warm fuzziness

"Speaking of Creative, there are bound to be mac evangelists starting their nonsense again, going on and on about how Creative sucks and mac rules (and therefore, it's buyers rule too). Gah! I hate Mac evangelists. Hate them as much as religion evangelists and cb MLM sellers and scientologists. Not because Mac products suck, but because Mac users all seem to think they are so fucking cool just coz they use Mac. "
- Quote from Xia Xue's blog

SHE IS DAMN IT AGAINST THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT MAC! Oh well, she even uses the f-word on us?! ARGHHHHH!!!!!!! Mac users ARE cool because Macs ARE cool. Hey not everybody can discriminate between the world's most popular OS and he world's most ADVANCED OS...people have never used a Mac before and they are sprouting some kinda crap just to put us Mac evangelists down! I feel frustrated and angry!!!!!

Ok but that's beside the point. Just happened to read that off her blog about MP3 players and this got me TOTALLY PISSED.

But on the other hand...

Oh damn. Just when I thought EVERY single program in iLife was good. iChat is crapped up. Tried setting up my hotmail and gmail to no avail. The thing just wouldn't connect, said that I gave an incorrect password...when I didn't! Finally, some Mac stuff I dislike. Think I'll still be better off with the popular MSN, although I don't really like it. That's why I gave iChat a shot, but my accounts didn't work?!

Well, today, I went out to Parkway with the VS gang: Miao, Sam, Hin Kai, Reuben, Wei Liang, and Andrew. Went to Macdonalds again. Looks like that's the only economical place to accomodate all 7. We talked and talked and talked...and I felt this warm fuzziness, you know, the feeling of being with old friends.

It wasn't too long ago when we were together as a class in Sec 2, and before you know it, poof, like magic, it's been a few months, and we have all parted for our own ways. Time flies, and it's sure good to meet up again.

And now that I and Sam have left, Miao has a chance to shine, and he sure is. Being the head of Media Club is indeed quite a feat...and Sam's and Miao's new-found love for camera talk has left me in a complete daze as I struggle to decipher the jargon like 20D or something of the like...

Aiya, the car talk is something I'm more familiar and comfortable with, although it has shifted from the Toyotas and Hondas and Nissans to the more fascinating Porsches, Lamborghini and Mercs, but occasionally to the comparably disgraceful Hyundais and Kias, where Miao would proudly comment on the solid Pioneer sound installed on every Hyundai. After all, his parents are the owners of two Kia Ceratos and a cute Hyundai Getz. Rich eh?

Ok I needa stop now. Exhaustion is getting a hold of me. Sleep is luring me to my bed. Ah, the weekends are so great!

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