Friday, March 24, 2006

Windows Vista, what a joke

I just happened to visit the Microsoft website today to find out more about the upcoming Windows Vista, a much anticipated boost in overall feel to the current Windows XP.

Check this out.

Microsoft has devoted a new website to the new OS slated to be released probably at the end of this year. Being the curious me, I took some time to browse through their whole site to see just how Vista would look like.

It is undoubtedly a very drastic improvement from the current Windows, in fact, almost comparable in standards to Mac OS X Tiger in terms of overall feel and look.

But as I scrolled through the pages, I was literally laughing my way through Microsoft’s newly added features and programs. Indeed, I was laughing. Really LAUGHING.

That’s because Vista is a COMPLETE Mac Tiger rip-off. Seriously, I mean it. A lot of features were copied or borrowed or improved from OS X. Well, I guess that Microsoft knew that they would not be able to keep up with OS X if they didn’t launch their own new operating system, so the un-innovative people at Microsoft decided to come up with the so unoriginal Vista.

Well, for the majority who has been faithfully deluded into using XP, they will definitely warmly herald the arrival of Vista as something fresh. But for Mac users, they’ll know that it’s just a rip-off in a desperate attempt for Windows to remain the most popular operating system in the world.

It just goes to show bad Windows is lagging behind Apple, and how shameless Microsoft can be. While people have to WAIT for Vista, we Mac users are already enjoying the programs, added security and stability of OS X. So Apple will always be one step ahead of the ubiquitous Windows platform, unless Steve decides to seriously screw things up which I believe he won’t.

That’s so ironic. OS X is so good and yet people are still cannot bear to part with their pathetic Windows machine. Oh, not to mention a Mac does not crash and the chances of getting viruses are extremely slim. No wonder it’s the world’s most advanced operating system.

And to convince people that Vista is indeed brilliant (which I truly doubt), Microsoft has given new names to the copied features in OS X. A lmited software which edits photos called Windows Photo Gallery is nothing but a similar version of iPhoto. Needless to say, iPhoto is obviously still much better. Slideshows of the photos have been claimed to be improved, but I’m uncertain it’ll reach the professional standard of iPhoto slideshows.

The use of the ‘glass-like’ buttons and fade-offs and gradients have been termed Windows Aero. What crap. It was already long present in OS X. That impressive name just tricks people into believing that Vista is a quantum leap from the Mac.

Windows Player 11 claims to be more streamlined, with their new URGE stuff integrated with it. But I’ll still remain faithful to iTunes, the much acclaimed music player.

Windows 3D Flip, another perfect example of a Mac rip-off. It is similar to the F9 key function on a Mac, where all application windows running will be shown, allowing you to select the one you would like to work with. Vista has merely upped it by making it a more attractive 3D picture of the screen.

Internet Explorer 7 supports tabbed browsing, something which Safari has already. New gadgets in the main menu still can’t beat Widgets in Dashboard. Also, here's the new more user-friendly start bar.

But do not say that I’m bias towards Apple, for Vista does have some really cool stuff. The media centre looks really professional and clean cut. It is evident that Windows is going minimalist, which is what OS X has already accomplished.

In conclusion, Vista is worth the wait for Windows users if you’re thinking of purchasing a new computer. It will be a tremendous improvement from XP. But for those who are more adventurous, just ditch Windows and get OS X Tiger 10.4.5. It would be Vista-come-early for you.

But once again, I can’t stress enough that Vista is a Mac rip-off. What a joke! Haha…

Oh Microsoft you just can’t triumph over Apple, admit it…Muhahahahaha…

Yeah the Mac still rules!

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