Thursday, April 13, 2006

The failed evangelism attempt

Today was sports day. As usual, it was the perfect time for stoning, occasionally interrupted by the call to stand up and cheer, and also the short excitement when the competition gets really intense. It was hot...and sleep overwhelmed me. There were times when I felt really bored when no one was taking to me, and I decided that the people here somehow cannot are not my type. Still prefer my benign 2E people. Only a small group (Esmond, Yiling, Alicia, Guowei and the like) can relate to me.

After that, I, Althea, Yiling, Esmond and Debby went to Parkway Burger King for dinner...and I, Althea and Yiling tried to spread the gospel to Esmond and Debby. Debby was more open, and she asked many questions...of which one struck me.

For example, if your parents did not allow you to convert to christianity, would that imply that your parents are sinning? Yiling claims no, but I'm unsure too...but I think it's a no too.

I didn't expect our attempt to be successful, but at least it gave them both a rough insight into our relationship with God. Esmond, on the other hand, pleaded for a change in topic.

Well, I believe that in due course, if the Lord wants me to evangelise to them both, he will make a way for it to happen. So till then, I'll be praying continually.

For it is our duty to evangelise, and not an option.

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Big Fat Smiler said...

I wouldn't say it would be a duty- duty would reflect something like National Service- like what the Mormons are doing. I believe evangelism to be something more of something that just comes out from your heart as a christian who is touched by god. a self-wanting to do because of the dwelling of the holy spirit inside you =)