Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Touaregs

I did promise you that I'll upload my PPT pictures when they are done right?

So here they next piece...that black monster from the back view.

After this I'm going to get started on the Perodua Kelisa...not worthy to put up here I know...hey but wait a sec. IT"S MY POWERPOINT SKILLS THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AMAZED AT RIGHT?!

Haha...the little bit of egoism in me is beginning to shine...

Oh with all the Intel core duos selling at preposterous makes me ponder and think: hey Ian your PowerPC G4 isn't that great now with the Intels!

And as Steve Jobs has said: "We're done with the powers."

What a sad thing...the powers were great...but I bet the Intel baby's gonna rock even more. All hail to the Intel people...whom no one would have ever thought Apple would partner up with...

Let the Intel be set free on the Mac! (instead of being trapped in damned PCs)

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