Thursday, April 20, 2006

Great Mac users think alike

"With the new views of Windows Vista, I just had to write this. Vista is Tiger with a different name and a pinch of change...for the worst. Microsoft copied so much of Tiger that its not even funny...well, maybe it is because Microsoft is desperate! They even stole the part with the icons all in a line at the bottom. They gave Vista the same look as Tiger for more with less. The reason so many are looking foreward to Vista is because they are all Microsoft users who refuse to have to learn something new to have a better computer. Now, granted I dont have an Apple myself, but I am saving money up for one and use one allot at the school and fell in love with it. Microsoft stole so much and tweaked it to make it legal. And you can get a better version of Vista earlier by getting Tiger! "

- This is a view expressed by NJ, quoted from the OS X reviews at Apple's website.

And indeed I couldn't have agreed more!!!!

That's absolutely true!!

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