Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The story of X and Y.

X and Y are males. X is taller than Y, but Y is lighter than X. X and Y are both running a race, and the initially friendly race can get really nasty and competitive at the end. At the starting line, Y is taking the lead. But X soon catches up because of his effort. In fact, X is not really a truly good runner, but he is just hardworking. Now X overtakes Y. However, Y is angry and unhappy that he is losing the race. Y thinks he is lousy when he is not. He keeps on praising X in a mocking way.

But there is still a very long way to go in the race. It has not even reached the halfway mark, so the winner cannot be determined now. Anything can happen.

X does not really like Y but X cannot tell that to Y directly or else Y would be really furious. So X tries to get along with Y in the race. The race is heating up...

87 is X's special number.

Metaphorical and figurative I know. Now try decoding.

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