Saturday, April 29, 2006

Open house

Today was the VIP open house...and i was pesenting for chem-mystery. Weng Keong came!...but sadly he didn't hear my presentation! =( He was in the other lab! Ah...

Well, anyways, I think it was pretty ok, all except the last round, when I lost steam already and screwed up a the audience laughing though.

After the open house was mass dance, and as usual I was at a lost during those uncoordinated confusing moves. I have always been, right from the start. And I do not really like mass dances; they just make me sweat like crazy.

After the whole thing was over there was a class lunch, and they all wanted to go to Tampines Mall. I declined, because when you take almost an hour there and another hour back home and you have tuition at 5, there isn't that much time really to enjoy company with classmates.

So pathetatic me took 43 home with my iPod keeping me company instead.

And when I got home I saw the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) on their lorry going round making propoganda speeches and waving their hands at the residents from our flat. Well, looks like the opposition is quite enthu too. But it's quite obvious that PAP will win for the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, isn't it? Even though they claim that your vote is private, but if the PAP really wants to crack down on the details, they can still find out who you've voted for.

My parents work as teachers, and as my grandmother says in Hokkein, people who work for the government must vote for PAP.

Although my impression of the PAP has been decreasing over the years.

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