Monday, July 10, 2006

The future of msn?

Microsoft has got to definitely call its new version of MSN Messenger as Windows LIVE Messenger, probably in a desperate attempt to prove to their users out there that Microsoft is still ‘live’ and living, and not dead as we suppose.

Haha…picture this:

I better hope Bill Gates never sees this or else I could very well get into trouble...

I don’t know about your stand on this, but I will never ever download any more beta software from Microsoft after my bad experience with IE 7 Beta 2.

Well, everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon after Apple’s success with the iTunes music store. Even Microsoft is going to have their own URGE, and there are spreading rumors that a Microsoft ‘iPod’ might be a possibility too.

Nooo, surely you won’t want to see this flooding our stores right?

We will still remain faithful to Steve Jobs, shall we?

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