Saturday, July 15, 2006

And it did it again!

Congrats Hewlett-Packard, for receiving the most reliable PC award! I love HP forever! It is such an amazing computer! Why do i say that? Because...


Yes, I did have the priviledge of experiencing all of the above... So now I have a desperate plea to all: any one of you would be kind enough to lend me your Windows XP Home Edition installation CD-ROM because my poor 2.5 year old HP needs it! It just decided to misbehave and crash on me for the fourth time! exciting right! own a brilliant computer which will graciously allow you to crash so many times and never restart! Beautiful!

Damn you HP. I swear I'll never ever get another damned HP. It damn it sucks to the damned core.

To hell with my Pavilion.

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